Attention to Detail From Start to Finish

Each pair of Rocket Skis is hand made in picturesque Jackson, NH. Engineer and co-founder, Scott Badger, creates a CAD drawing to your specifications, cuts pitex and shapes edges to thespecified dimensions while designer and co-founder Talia Brooks takes your graphics ideas from dream to reality. Take a look through the process below to understand how your custom skis go from computer screen to the mountain. All photos by

Straight to the Core

It all starts with the core. The heart of any skiis its core. Rocket cores are a hand crafted blendof New Hampshire Maple and Poplar, creating a ski that is durable enoughto with stand the icy morning face of Tuckerman Ravine and light enough to enjoy and entire day of backcountry skin






The Cutting Edge

As you would imagine, with your custom ski, comes the bending of custom edges as well. Each piece of edging is hand bent to your skis curvature and painstakingly tacked to the custom cut Pitex bases.






Dampening the Chatter

We believe your custom skis should preform well in all conditions. With the addition of dampening strips allong the edges and strips of carbon downthe centers, your Rockets will be snappy in the pow and carve deep in the hard pack, no questions asked!






Putting it All Together

Perfectly measured epoxy and two strengthening layers of fiberglass are layered with your handmade core and base layer and carefully layed into your mold of choice.






Pretty Them Up

Last, we top the layers with your custom designed topsheet complete the customization process.







Bag ‘Em

When the layering process is complete in to the vacuum bag they go to be pressed in to your soon to be go-to ski.